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Have Your Electrical Panel Checked As the Seasons Change

Making time for maintenance is the best way to keep your home in good shape for years to come. While it isn’t something most people think about, your electrical panel still needs some attention. Since fall brings cooler temperatures and more electricity use, this is the perfect time to have your panel checked out by an electrician.

Prepare for New Appliances

Fall and winter could mean needing new appliances to cook for the holidays or just keep you toasty as the weather cools down. The only problem is that your electrical panel could struggle. Getting your appliances and your panel inspected could cut down on blown fuses or a ruined dinner.

Get Ahead of Faulty Wiring

Whether you have an older home or are fresh off a renovation, faulty wiring can put your home at risk. Even if you don’t deal with a fire, faulty wiring can still cost you money. Old panels and wiring can use more energy than a newer option. Be sure you have an electrician check if this could save you money on your electricity bill.

Get a Better Insurance Rate

An old, unserviced electrical panel can be the fastest way to raise your insurance rates. If your panel is older or original to the home, you may even be denied entirely. Regular inspections and upgrades when needed will help keep your home insurance rates lower.

Don’t Miss a Sale

If you’re looking to sell your home when the weather warms up, an old electrical panel can ruin your chances. If you fail an inspection, a buyer could walk away. Even if they don’t, you may still be on the hook for repair costs before someone will buy your home. Make sure you pass every inspection by having your electrical panel serviced every fall.

Keep Your Wiring in Tip-Top Shape

Most of the wiring in your home is hidden away unless you want to crack open the drywall. The easiest way to check for older or outdated wiring is for an electrician to check the panel itself. Whether your wiring is just reaching the end of its useful life or if it’s badly outdated, you have the chance to fix it.

Get Your Panel Serviced This Fall

Don’t miss out on a perfect time to have your panel checked. Our experienced electricians are ready to get to work and keep your electricity following as the seasons change. Our team has the local know-how to help your home stay up to code. What are you waiting for? Get your electrical panel serviced today by calling Fisher Electric in Santa Cruz, CA.

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