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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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Santa Cruz EV Charger Installation

Fisher Electric is proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer!

Owning an EV is a smart move for residents in the Santa Clara And Santa Cruz counties. It offers an exceptional economy and reduces the emissions that are so detrimental to the environment. But many customers are asking the Fisher Electric experts for more information about Central Coast EV charger installations and the benefits of this project. As a full-service electrical contractor who offers many solar options promoting environmentally conscious living, we are excited to provide all the information you need. That includes a free price quote when you call 831-400-5032 for your professional EV charger installation.

The Benefits Of An EV Charger At Your Central Coast Home

Going green is a concept that is growing across the country, and especially in the communities throughout the Central Coast. Electric vehicles have been perfected to the point of providing the reliability consumers need along with the cost savings and reduced emissions that are very desirable. But the final piece of the puzzle for most EV drivers is installing an EV charger at home. The benefits of a home charger include:

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Understanding Your Central Coast EV Charger Installation Options

At Fisher Electric, our team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect EV charger for your home or commercial installation. In addition, as a full-service electrical contractor, we are qualified to provide any of the additional wiring or circuit upgrades needed to safely accommodate your new EV and charging station.

There are three types of EV chargers available for home or business installation. When shopping for your home, we recommend referring to your EV owner’s manual to determine the recommended level and brand of charger. The options offered include:

EV Charger Care And Service

Once the certified pros at Fisher Electric complete your Central Coast EV charger installation, there is little else required. These chargers are very reliable and need very little maintenance or care. However, should you have a concern or issue, our experts are available 24/7 for emergency service or Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm for any repairs or maintenance the charge might need. Call 831-400-5032 today to speak to a Fisher Electric expert about an EV charger installation in your Santa Cruz or Santa Clara home. Our installations always include a five-year warranty on our labor for added value and peace of mind.