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Electrical Generator Installation in Santa Cruz

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Living on the Central Coast, some challenging weather can roll in off of the Pacific from time to time. Unfortunately, those storms can leave their mark on the community in the form of damaged trees and structures as well as downed power lines. Without a reliable and professionally installed generator, your Santa Clara or Santa Cruz home could be without power for an extended period of time. However, there is a simple solution to your home’s dependence on the grid. Call 831-400-5032 for a free price quote from the generator experts at Fisher Electric.

As a locally owned and operated family business, our homes and office rely on the same power system as yours. So we share the challenges that occur when the power is out for hours or days at a time. For that reason, our staff highly recommends a backup generator to any customer who is not willing to continue dealing with the consequences of a power failure. This one addition to your home or commercial property means that you will no longer need to worry about electrical supply issues when the rest of the community is struggling to exist without the benefit of electricity.

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The Genuine Value Of A Backup Generator

While a small portable generator can get you by for a few hours, it is not a solution to a long-term power outage or keeping your appliances and HVAC system functional. At best, it will power a few lights and allow you to charge personal devices and use small appliances. However, a professionally sized and installed backup generator in your Santa Cruz home will power everything you need, such as:

Operating A Household Or Commercial Generator

Typically, one of the first questions we hear from consumers is the complexity of safely operating a backup generator. And we answer that there is nothing to it. The generator does all the work. Once Fisher Electric installs your generator, it will function without any input or actions from you. It is as easy as getting your power from Central Coast Community Energy or PG&E.

The generator at your Central Coast home will monitor the power coming into your home via the grid. The generator will automatically begin operation when that power supply fails, including the transfer process from grid power to generator power. All of the electrical features of your home will continue to function. So even if you are not home during a power failure, you can rest assured that your home, food, and belongings are safe.

The Central Coast Generator Team You Can Trust

A backup generator for your home will be as reliable as the team that sizes and installs it. At Fisher Electric, our certified experts have worked with backup generators and electrical systems in this community for decades. And we know precisely what it takes to install a system that will flawlessly step in and power your home or business when the grid fails. In addition, we will be here for any service, maintenance, or upgrades you might desire for the system in the coming years. Our philosophy is that a generator installation is only the beginning of our commitment to our customers. We pledge to be ready to assist you in protecting this valuable investment with professional care and service to ensure it is ready when you need it the most.

Call 831-400-5032 today for a free price quote for a generator for your Santa Clara or Santa Cruz property. Fisher Electric backs all of our generator installations with a full warranty and our customer satisfaction guarantee.