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Invest in a Generator to Keep Your Household Running Smoothly

Residential standby generator

Adding a generator to your property is a wise choice, no matter where you live. Challenges to the electrical service to your home can happen at any time. One car wreck can take out a power line. A downed tree branch at the neighbor’s house can leave you with no electricity. However, with a generator […]

Spring Care and Security Lighting

Exterior security light

Residential and business security lighting requires periodic maintenance to comply with the relevant city, state and federal regulations. However, this work is also essential to keep the system functioning at its best. Neglected security lighting systems can malfunction if you wait too long. Spring is an excellent time of year to get this job done […]

Common Problems With Household Electric Service Panels

An electric service panel is what connects your home’s wiring to the electric lines coming in from the street. It serves two core functions. It is a central distribution point: All the wires in your home branch off from this point. The panel also serves as a safeguard. It ensures that the wires in your […]

Your Complete Guide to Generator Repairs

Residential generator

Residential and commercial generators can develop a range of issues from low fuel efficiency to strange, disruptive noises. When these systems malfunction, they cause inconvenience and disrupt your household’s schedule. Fortunately, you can rely on a professional electrician to troubleshoot the problem and prevent a full breakdown. It’s always safer to leave your electrical repairs […]

Everything About Charging Your Electric Car

EV charging at home

Buying an electric car or hybrid means no more pumping gas. All you have to do is plug it in, and you are ready to go. This sounds simple, but there are a few things you need to know before you buy your first EV. Charging Levels The first thing you need to know is […]

7 Ways an Electrical Panel Upgrade Saves You Money

repairman inspecting an electric box

Your electrical panel has a main circuit with many branches to run electricity through your home or business. Your electrical panel needs maintenance and has parts that will wear out over time. There are many good reasons to consider upgrading your electrical panel, including saving you money. 1. Increase Your Energy Efficiency Your electrical panel […]

The Basics of Generator Selection

If there was ever a time when people could absolutely rely on the power company no matter what happened, having confidence that the power would be on and available in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of everyone at all times, this is no longer the case. Power outages are becoming a fact of life. […]

Remember to Take Care of Your EV Charger This Upcoming Year

The start of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to get everything in order. There are many tasks that often get pushed to the side, but some of them can really pay off in the long run. Take electric vehicle charger maintenance, for example. You’ll want to take care of little maintenance tasks so […]

How to Take Care of Your Security Lights

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light

Security lights are aesthetically pleasing, add value to your property, and most importantly, help keep you safe from accidents and intruders. They’re also convenient, but because they’re outdoors, they’re easy to forget about — that is, until they don’t work the way they used to. Over time, you might notice the lights are flickering, they […]

Some Common Problems With Generators

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, you know how much benefit a generator can be. Having power always available can help keep you calm in an emergency. The only problem is that your generator can have issues of its own. Here are the common issues you may run into. Regular maintenance by an electrician […]