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Residential standby generator

Invest in a Generator to Keep Your Household Running Smoothly

Adding a generator to your property is a wise choice, no matter where you live. Challenges to the electrical service to your home can happen at any time. One car wreck can take out a power line. A downed tree branch at the neighbor’s house can leave you with no electricity. However, with a generator on your property, you can be protected.

Seamless Protection

Your home generator will monitor the power you’re getting from the grid. If that power cuts off, your generator will start and will run until the grid power comes back on. Thanks to this auto-start feature, you can be sure that your home has power, even if you’re not home to monitor the generator.

Benefits of a Full Back-Up Generator

There are small generators that may be able to provide you with some power. However, these generators are often noisy and can’t power your entire home. If you have small children or if someone in your home suffers from a medical condition, you may not be able to go without air conditioning for long.

Having a fully stocked pantry, freezer and refrigerator are critical in these economic times. However, a small generator will not protect any food that you have to keep cold or frozen for long.

A full backup generator that powers up automatically is the best way to keep your family safe. This system will keep your security system powered and keep the exterior lights on. If you need to monitor weather conditions or have concerns about wildfire risk, you’ll be able to monitor reports on your emergency radios.

How Do I Start and Run My Back-Up Generator?

You don’t have to do anything. Your backup generator will fire up as soon as the power from the grid goes down. The transition inside your home will be seamless.

Even better, we can upgrade your generator to one of your choosing. If your family grows and you renovate to add more space, you can change out generators to fully power that new square footage. We offer servicing to make sure your generator starts up when needed. We can also set up a regular maintenance contract to check your generator seasonally and reduce the risk of a problem should the power go down for an extended period of time.

Contact Fisher Electric for seamless generator services so that you can relax on your Santa Cruz, CA property. Once we install your generator, you can rely on regular maintenance and servicing to protect your power supply.

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