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7 Maintenance Tips for EVs and EV Chargers

If you own an electric vehicle, it’s important to take the right steps to maintain it. Not only will you need to ensure that you have a quality, working charger for it, but it’s also essential to properly maintain other critical parts of your EV as well. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining an electric vehicle.

1. Don’t Let the Batteries Go to Zero

You should ensure that the battery retains a certain amount of charge at all times. Charging the battery starting from zero puts a lot of stress on it, which can decrease its lifespan. In addition, ensure that the battery temperature remains in the optimal range.

2. Get the Latest Software Updates

The latest software updates can help you to keep your electric vehicle in top condition. So, it’s always important to get them at the recommended time.

3. Use the Right Charging System

If you use a home charger for your EV, it’s important to always choose the right product. You can choose either a level 1 or 2 charger. A level 1 charger uses a 110-volt current, and a level 2 one uses a 220-volt current. The best one to use will depend on the specific electric vehicle that you have. Also, if you’ll be charging your vehicle outdoors, you should get a weatherproof cable.

4. Do Not Charge in Wet Conditions

If conditions are wet, it’s best to avoid charging your electric vehicle. If you’re traveling during rainy conditions, it’s best to only use charging stations with an overhang.

5. Pick the Right Generator

You’ll need to make sure that it generates a true sine wave. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to buy an inverter that will create one with the current that’s created. Picking the right generator will help to ensure that you’re able to power and properly maintain your EV.

6. Properly Maintain Your Generator

It’s important to make sure that your generator always produces the right voltage and amperage. This will ensure that you’re able to quickly charge your vehicle and that it will hold a charge.

7. Use Efficient Lighting

The headlights that you use will consume electricity. So, it’s best to choose energy-efficient products. LED lights are a popular option. Choosing energy-efficient options will reduce the amount of electricity that your car uses, which will help to increase the range of your car.

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