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Keep Your Pets Safe With These Useful Electrical Tips

Your pet is not just an animal. Pets are your adored home companions. You want to make sure your pet always stays safe. Unfortunately, your home electrical systems and your home’s electrical panels can pose a threat to your pets. Head off these risks to your cats, dogs, and other small animals with a few tricks.

Keep Cables Hidden

Puppies, kittens, and bunnies like to chew on things. Young animals might choose to gnaw on your computer cords or the coffeemaker’s plug. You want to make sure all of your cables are out of reach of your pets at all times. When you’re leaving your home without your pets, have a careful look at any stray cables that are dangling from all the surfaces in your home. They should be away where the pets can’t reach them and potentially get a dangerous shock in doing so.

Switch Things Off

The warm Santa Cruz climate often means homeowners may need to use fans and other items to help them stay cool. Fans improve air circulation and cool the entire home, but they also pose a hazard for your pets. You want to switch them off when you’re not around. This way, a new kitten can’t get his paws stuck in the whirling fan blades. The same is true of items like heaters that you might use if the temperature drops. December in Santa Cruz often means colder weather. Make sure any room heaters are kept away from your pets when in use.

Train Your Animals

Some animals can be trained to avoid dangerous areas in your home. For instance, dogs can be trained to stay out of a specific area of the home that might be a problem for them. Animals that can’t be trained should be kept away from parts of your home that might have a problem. You can install a room divider that partitions a room that might contain items that you don’t want your pet touching. Consider installing a separate door in the basement to make sure the pet can’t interact with your HVAC system.

Fence in Your Yard

Your yard is just as much a part of your home as your interior spaces. That’s why you want to pay special attention to all areas of the yard when you own a pet. Your outdoor areas often have lots of wonderful and useful items, such as outdoor lighting, fairy lights, underground wiring, and wiring for your HVAC system. Fencing helps your pet avoid these hazards and stay safe all year long.

Keeping your pets safe and sound is an important goal for all pet owners. At Fisher Electric, we understand how much you love your pets. Contact us for all your electrical needs and keep your pets truly safe.

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