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3 Common Reasons Your Electrical Panel Is Humming

Your electrical panel is designed to be reliable and endurable as you use electricity in your home each day. Unfortunately, the electrical panel can start to develop issues and symptoms at times, which requires investigating the problems to protect your safety and have peace of mind. If your electrical panel begins to hum in your home in Santa Cruz, California, there are a few common reasons for the issue.

1. Loose or Damaged Wires

When your electrical panel starts to buzz and is no longer silent, it’s an indication there may be damaged or loose wires present. There may even be an occasional spark, which can be dangerous. When the wires are damaged or exposed, they start to leak electricity. This causes an arc fault to occur, which leads to 30,000 fires throughout the U.S every year. This may result in you getting shocked when you’re near the electricity. It may also lead to injuries.

Immediately hire a professional electrician from a company like Fisher Electric, which serves the communities throughout Santa Cruz and the Central Coast. We will investigate the issue and repair the loose wires in the electrical panel. Our electricians will repair or replace the wires.

2. A Bad Circuit Breaker

Your electrical panel can start to hum when your circuit breaker is defective and is no longer working properly. The circuit breaker is designed to trip when it becomes overloaded and when the electrical current is too strong. It can fail to operate if it needs to be replaced. Many people in Santa Cruz live in older homes, especially near the redwood forest area, and they use modern appliances. The combination of an old home and modern appliances often contributes to this type of issue. A larger issue may also be present if the issue continues after replacing the circuit breaker.

Failing to replace the circuit breaker can lead to electrical fires when the wires start to get too hot and the circuit breaker fails to trip at the right time. Act quickly to have the circuit breaker inspected to ensure it’s replaced before it’s too late.

3. Loud Sounds While Standing Next to the Circuit Breaker

Some people become alarmed when they hear a faint humming noise while standing next to their circuit breaker. If the noise is low and hard to detect, it’s not a reason to be concerned and is known to be normal. However, it’s important to reach out to a professional if the humming noise starts to become louder over time, indicating your circuit breaker needs to be repaired or replaced.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Fisher Electric in Santa Cruz, California. Our professionals are here to provide you with additional information and can also help you schedule our services when you notice your electrical panel is buzzing.

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