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Five Suggestions for Using Lights to Make Summer Evenings Enjoyable

Summer evenings are a great time to spend with family and friends. As the sun goes down, this can be a time when we all get the urge to relax and turn in for the night. Make summer evenings enjoyable by implementing these five lighting suggestions.

1. Add Indoor String Lights

String lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and relatively maintenance-free. Hang them in your windows, garage, or hallways to add a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can also use them to create a more romantic setting for a date. Hang string lights on the walls and ceiling, add battery-operated candles, and place some throw pillows around the room to create a romantic feel.

2. Use Dimmers to Control Light Levels

Dimmers are available for many types of indoor lighting from standard light bulbs to halogen and decorative lights. They let you control when and how many of the lights are in use. Dimmers also make it easy to switch between different lighting modes at varying times of the day or when inclement weather occurs. A reputable electrician can add the dimmers for you.

3. Add Candles and Lanterns

Candles provide a lovely setting for intimate moments with family and friends. Use them to create an appealing atmosphere in your home by grouping them in candle holders or placing them on tables, shelves, and mantels. You can also use candles while entertaining guests. Place some on the dining table or each guest’s setting. Modern LED candles or fake tea light candles are safe and affordable and offer realistic candle-like light without the potential fire hazard.

4. Install Floor Lamps and Task Lighting

Floor lamps are great for any room and can be placed in several positions to provide lighting for whatever you need. Use them to light up a table or a bookshelf and move them as needed. Another option is adding lamps or sconces over tables and hallways for general lighting. Choose lamps that fit the aesthetic of your home. They can be a mixture of modern and traditional, with various styles. Decorative lamps can also add character to your home and be a great focal point.

5. Replace Frequently Used Bulbs with LEDs

A lot of regular indoor lighting uses incandescent bulbs. These bulbs provide light by passing an electric current through the filament to heat it and let off the light. Unfortunately, they are inefficient and expensive to run. This is why replacing your frequently used bulbs with LED lights whenever possible is better. LED lights use a semiconductor material that can emit light when an electrical current passes through it. They are more efficient and much less expensive to run than incandescent light bulbs. They also have a long life span, so you can use them for decades, saving money and resources.

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