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Decorating for Halloween? Follow These Electrical Best Practices

When we say goodbye to summer, Halloween is right around the corner. Here in Santa Cruz, a lot of people love decorating their homes and creating a spooky atmosphere in the neighborhood. At Fisher Electric, we enjoy seeing decorations, but we want to remind people that they should follow best practices when plugging things in.

Don’t Overload Your System

Electrical systems aren’t limitless. There can be a situation in which too many things are plugged into an outlet, and this could cause your breaker to trip. It could also, unfortunately, cause an electric fire due to overheating. To prevent this from happening, make sure you don’t overload your system. Don’t plug in too many items into one outlet, and be cognizant of how your circuit breakers are designed.

If your outdoor outlets are on the same circuit as your kitchen outlets, for example, you might experience problems when you plug in giant inflatables or many strings of outdoor lights. There are ways to remedy the situation, and our team at Fisher Electric would be happy to help. Warning signs that indicate that something needs to be done include:

  • Breakers that often trip
  • Lights that flicker or dim
  • Cords that seem warm or discolored
  • Outlets that make sizzling or buzzing sounds

We can advise you as to how you can structure your electrical panel in a strategic way. Our team can also upgrade your system so that it can handle the load that you plan on placing on it.

When in Doubt, Throw It Out

Old decorations may still look great. In fact, older items might be even scarier to look at during Halloween. However, if one of these pieces of decor has old wiring or damaged cords, it’s better that you replace it with something newer. Damaged wiring can lead to electric shocks, sparks, smoke, and fire.

Indoor or Outdoor Use?

In Santa Cruz, we have a mild climate, so it might not seem like that big of a deal to use indoor lights and decorations outside. This is not a smart idea. Cords intended for indoor use do not have adequate protection from the rain. Since rain storms sometimes come our way in the fall, we have to be mindful of this.

Rain can damage the electrical components of decorations. This could mean that your decorations won’t work anymore, and a particularly dangerous situation is one in which the electricity does flow, just not where it should. This could increase the risk of an electrical fire.

Halloween is always a fun time in Santa Cruz. Just remember to be safe when putting up your decorations. Call Fisher Electric if you need any professional assistance with your electrical system.

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