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Remember to Take Care of Your EV Charger This Upcoming Year

The start of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to get everything in order. There are many tasks that often get pushed to the side, but some of them can really pay off in the long run. Take electric vehicle charger maintenance, for example. You’ll want to take care of little maintenance tasks so that you can get the most out of your investment and continue to enjoy fast charging speeds.

Store Your Cables Properly

Cables can be expensive to replace, so you should try to keep your cable in prime condition. To do so, store it correctly after every use. This may involve coiling it up or removing it and storing it in a particular way. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that your cable doesn’t fray or get worn down prematurely.

Clean Your Unit

When connectors are clean and well-maintained, they can make secure connections with charging ports. Rust, grime, debris, and dirt can all interfere with charging speeds. That’s why you should keep your unit clean. About every week, wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth. If you need to, use a few drops of mild detergent to remove stubborn particles. Avoid using anything stronger than these materials so that you can prevent your unit from getting scratched or otherwise damaged.

Protect It From the Elements

If your charging station is outdoors, you’ll want to keep it safe from the elements. Cover it up when not in use. This way, harsh sunlight, precipitation, ice, and falling debris won’t affect it as much.

Have It Checked Out Professionally

While a regular homeowner can keep up with the maintenance tasks described above, it would be more difficult to assess the quality of internal components without having the right kind of training. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an electrician take a close look at everything. An electrician can test how well the charging station works, and this could potentially prevent slow charging, safety concerns, or unexpected increases in your electricity bill. Each charging station manufacturer will have a specific recommendation as to how often its charging equipment should get inspected. Some may recommend an inspection every year, for instance.

Look Out for Your Investment

An electric vehicle can be convenient and practical, as long as you have a reliable way to charge it. Installing a charging station at home can be a perfect solution. Just remember to store the coils properly after each use, keep your equipment protected from the elements, and clean your unit about every week. Each year, consider having it checked out by a professional. If you’re looking for assistance in Santa Cruz, CA, with your EV charger, contact Fisher Electric.

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