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How to Take Care of Your Security Lights

Security lights are aesthetically pleasing, add value to your property, and most importantly, help keep you safe from accidents and intruders. They’re also convenient, but because they’re outdoors, they’re easy to forget about — that is, until they don’t work the way they used to. Over time, you might notice the lights are flickering, they have gone dim, or the motion sensors have stopped working. Most of these problems have easy fixes. You just have to find the cause of the problem. Common reasons security lights stop working properly include:

  • Broken or worn-out bulbs
  • Dirt covering the light fixtures causing the lights to appear dim
  • Damaged or loose wiring
  • Something blocking the light
  • Poorly installed light bulbs

When the security lights stop working, your security is affected. Avoid that problem with routine maintenance. Follow these simple steps, and your security lights will keep you safe from the dangers in the dark.

Trim Hedges and Other Vegetation Around Light Fixtures

If the grass, plants, or other vegetation grows over the lights or motion sensors, the security lights might stop working. Therefore, make sure to keep the grass cut and move any plants blocking the lights or motion sensors out of the way.

Clean the Fixtures and Bulbs

Periodically clean the bulbs and light fixtures with a damp sponge. Security lights get dirty, deal with snow, sleet, and rain, and become a home for insects. All this leads to the buildup of dirt and grime that affects how brightly the lights can shine.

Periodically Check the Wiring

Loose wiring can cause flickering or dim lights. Therefore, periodically turn off the power supply and check the wiring. Look for any that are loose, frayed, or corroded. If you find damaged wires, replace them immediately.

Check the Bulbs for Loose Connections

If the lights are flickering, it could be that the bulbs aren’t installed properly. If that is the case, either replace the flickering bulb with a different wattage or try reinstalling it.

Maintain a Schedule to Replace Bulbs

When bulbs near the end of their lifespan, their light will start to dim. Eventually, all bulbs blow out and need to be replaced. To ensure you always have enough light, determine the lifespan of the bulb in each of the light fixtures, and create a schedule for replacing them.

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