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Top Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Usage in the New Year

All of us are interested in finding ways to cut down on our energy use and lower our environmental impact. One area of the home that can sometimes be overlooked is the electrical system. However, taking steps to improve your electrical efficiency can go a long way toward reducing energy costs. The following covers a few ways to ensure that your electrical system is efficient as possible.

Contact an Electrician for an Inspection

The new year is a good time to schedule an inspection with a professional electrician. An electrician can examine your entire electrical system and offer suggestions for improvements that can make it more efficient. In addition to your lighting, wiring, switches, and electrical panel, they can also take a look at your appliances and ensure that they are as efficient as possible. Along with improving your home’s efficiency, an electrical inspection can help improve your home’s safety by catching small problems before they become a safety hazard.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Lighting

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your electrical efficiency is simply to switch out your old light bulbs. LED bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs. In fact, they use up to 80% less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. They also last up to 25 times longer. While they cost more up front, the energy savings and durability they provide more than pay for themselves.

Replacing Your Old, Worn-Out Light Switches

While you’re changing out your light bulbs, don’t overlook your old, worn-out light switches. Even if you have relatively new light switches, you may still want to upgrade them to improve the efficiency of your electrical system. There are several options for energy-efficient light switches available, including dimmer switches that can adjust the amount of light emitted from your lighting fixtures. You can also invest in proximity, photoelectric, and occupancy sensor switches to reduce your electricity usage.

Consider Installing Solar Panels

While solar panels can be a substantial investment, they can significantly cut down on your energy use and costs over the long term. Using solar can cut down on your electricity use by as much as 80%, and you can often benefit from tax breaks and other credits. Investing in solar can also improve your property value.

If you want to make your electrical system more efficient in the new year, you have several ways to accomplish your goal. For more information about solar power, lighting improvements, and other electrical upgrades, contact Fisher Electric in Santa Cruz, CA.

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