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4 Tips for Your Outdoor Electric Appliances

Over the summer, you may spend quite a bit of time outdoors. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, barbecuing, using your hot tub, or playing music in your garden, you may be using some of your appliances outdoors. While the summers in Santa Cruz, CA are often warm and dry, you can expect some sudden showers. Even a light drizzle can make your appliances unsafe. Here are some tips you should consider when using your outdoor appliances.

1. Your Extension Cord Should Be for Outdoor Use

Outdoor extension cords are specifically made with a layer of insulation to withstand temperature changes and moisture. Daily exposure to the sun won’t destroy this layer. This makes an outdoor extension cord ideal for your outdoor appliances. An outdoor extension cord will also have a higher amperage rating than one that is used indoors. This is important as you’ll be using appliances that draw more electrical power.

2. Turn Your Appliances Off When They’re Not in Use

If you’re throwing an outdoor party, you’ll want to turn off and unplug the appliances that you aren’t using. It’s important to ensure that your family or your guests do not have any accidents with an appliance that’s been left on. There’s more to consider. If everyone goes inside, an appliance that’s left on, such as an outdoor heater, could catch on fire. To avoid any accidents, unplug your outdoor appliances as soon as you have finished using them.

3. Keep Your Electrical Appliances Away From Water

Make sure that your electrical appliances, such as your laptop and phone, are away from your hot tub or pool. In addition, you’ll want to keep them dry. Even a little bit of water can cause an electric shock. If there’s an impending storm, unplug your appliances and put them away. Using electrical appliances when they’re wet and plugged in is extremely dangerous, and you could be electrocuted.

4. Keep Your Outlets Dry and Covered

Keep all your outlets dry, especially those near your pool, spa, or hot tub. You can purchase outlet covers that protect your outlets from moisture. Outlet covers are useful, too, if you have toddlers running around.

Outdoor appliances offer many conveniences. You can have a pool party and hook up a wide-screen TV in your backyard, you can relax in your hot tub in the evenings, and you can use power tools to trim your hedges. However, it’s important that you follow the above tips to avoid serious accidents. If you need an electrician to update your electrical panel so that your appliances don’t trip your circuit, give Fisher Electric a call.

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