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Four Tips for Avoiding Electricity-related Accidents This Summer

Summers in Santa Cruz, CA are a time of joy and fun. The beaches are jam packed, and attractions, such as the boardwalk, receive throngs of visitors. Homeowners are also feeling the summer vibe as they transform their homes into places of entertainment for family and friends. All this summer fun also means using more electricity, which comes with the risk of more accidents. If you’re a homeowner who is feeling that summer vibe and is excited to live it up this summer, follow the below safety tips to avoid electricity-related accidents.

1. Have Your Electrical System Thoroughly Inspected

Before you can begin your summer fun, you must have your electrical system thoroughly inspected. Electricians will not only perform a room-by-room inspection and thoroughly inspect your electrical panel to ensure it is keeping up with your demands, but they will also perform a thorough inspection of your outdoor outlets. Electricians will check to make sure all your outdoor outlets are functioning properly and that they are safe to use. Contact Fisher Electric for help. If we find any problems during the inspection, then we’ll fix the issues immediately

2. Keep Electrical Appliances and Electronics Away From Water

Sure, everyone loves jamming out during a pool party or while chilling out in the hot tub, but when those tunes are playing, you must take care to keep your music players and any other electrical-powered devices away from the water. Many electricity-related accidents happen because people mix water and electricity. Electricity and water are a deadly combination because when they mix, electrocution results. If you accidentally drop an appliance or an electronic in water, turn your power off at the main power supply before attempting to retrieve and unplug the appliance or electronic. Additionally, do not use the appliance or electronic until you have had it inspected by an electrician and receive the go ahead to use it again.

3. Avoid Using Power Tools in Wet Conditions

Summertime is when many homeowners tend to make renovations. If you’re renovating your home, check the weather first before engaging in any work, especially if you will be using power tools. Operating power tools in wet conditions is a recipe for disaster because if they become the slightest bit damp, you are at risk of being electrocuted and suffering a fatal accident.

4. Use Outdoor Extension Cords Only When Outdoors

If you’re tempted to save a few dollars by cutting corners and you use an indoor extension cord to run outdoor electronics, you may regret it. Indoor electric cords are not equipped to withstand the outdoor elements. They won’t function well if they’re left outside for too long.

Before you make this summer one to remember and have a blast with your family and friends, call Fisher Electric to make sure your home’s electrical system is up to the task of supporting your summer fun. If we find any problems during our inspection, we will help you find the most affordable solutions.

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